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We have been in the business since 2020, and we have proven to all our customers that we are honest workers with no airs and graces. If you want something as simple as concrete slabs for a sidewalk or as complicated as a fountain, our expert foundation contractors we'll be pleased to make them for you. We can handle any job you have for us, so give us a call at (904) 404-6889 to get started on your concrete project today!


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Concrete by 2 Men Concrete IncThe Artisans of Concrete at 2 Men Concrete Inc

Sidewalks, subways, skyscrapers – the common denominator in these widely varied constructions is concrete. The ubiquitous material in all construction, concrete is the medium with which builders and masons like 2 Men Concrete Inc work. Don't mistake cement for concrete – concrete comprises a cement paste of only fifteen percent plus crushed rocks or stones, sand or gravel and gypsum. By varying the balance of the mix, we control the final product and we've been doing it expertly since 2020.


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We know all these details – and many more – because concrete is our sculpting medium. At 2 Men Concrete Inc we consider ourselves the 'Artisans of Concrete'.  We'll build your foundation and construct your retaining walls – all with concrete, but using different balances and different mixes, and we will do so with an artisan's pride.


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2 Men Concrete Inc will do your concrete work today and will return until the concrete is completely cured. To develop to its maximum strength, concrete needs to be cured by water application for between two to five days after the concrete is prepared. We will make it a point to conscientiously carry out the full curing process so that you get the hardest, strongest concrete.

Want to learn more or have a concrete job for us? Don't hesitate – phone us at (904) 404-6889 and a friendly professional will be happy to pay you a no-pressure, no-strings visit!

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